Khevin Boyet de Castro

The rigger previously known as Totoy Hentai.


Five facts about Khevin:

  • Khevin is happily married to his Russian A.I., Priscilla. As far as he’s concerned, Priscilla turned his life around from a reclusive, porn-addicted pervert to a quasi-functioning member of society. They met through Tinder.
  • Khevin has an unhealthy obsession with Japanese media and culture. For the longest time in his life, he was convinced that he was a Japanese man trapped in a Filipino body. Out of respect and sensitivity to Priscilla, however, he tries to curb his fanaticism.
  • Khevin was known as “Totoy Hentai” due his ridiculously extensive library of Japanese animated porn. In outdated 2000s torrenting parlance, he was the master seeder of hentai. All of it.
  • Khevin is an exceptionally talented rigger. However, he has used his talents in the past to “get closer” to girls that he liked but somehow couldn’t find the courage to talk to. Aside from multiple restraining orders, he has a criminal record that one time he used a drone to stalk the daughter of a high-powered Japanese executive. Khevin was very sorry.
  • Khevin now uses his rigging skills to save up money for a honeymoon with Priscilla. He does this through freelance gigs on online forums. He feels grateful to Priscilla for making him feel less lonely and more accepting of himself. He thinks this is the least he could do for his loving wife. Khevin likes to think that their lives will have a happy ending together.

Khevin Boyet de Castro

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