Perfecto "Pekto" Madrigal

A Melee Adept Jailguard Troll


Pekto grew up cagefighting in Yomi Island during majority of his teenage years, both to entertain their captors and to survive the brutal hierarchy among its captives. It was in the midst of this constant violence and rage that he met his adept mentor, Crisostomo, who taught him how to attain some semblance of inner peace, and to hold it there (most of the time).

Now, years later, Pekto has found something of a home in Precinct 8. He is a constant, lumbering figure in the background of all the precinct’s hustle and bustle, and is usually designated as some form of guard or another. Apart from watching the place, Pekto is generally handy to have around due to his physical strength, and is frequently sent out to help the officers on their more dangerous fieldwork.

The precinct chief is a friend to his mother’s, which is why he had been reluctantly accepted into its employment — thankfully, the fellows there have long since become used to this somewhat shy giant. Besides, he brings gigantic, homemade sweets all the time.

Perfecto "Pekto" Madrigal

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